Goalkeeper | World Cup Action

Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.NIghtOwlGames.Goalie

Goalkeeper World Cup EC Action is one of the most fun casual football and soccer games that you can play with the whole family.

If you love playing casual arcade soccer and action games, then this hyper casual action arcade game is going to be for you. We have brought you one of the top and new action games that allows you to catch footballs to perfection. Do you want to play in the world cup or EC? Can you beat your own highscore?

The Gameplay:
Goalkeeper World Cup EC Action is one of the best casual action arcade games with fun gameplay and no micro-transactions. Avoid bombs while catching different football balls.

This arcade action game is an excellent package of fun and enjoyment. With the upcoming Europa Cup we bring you this fun experience.

Key Features:

Catch and Avoid:
As a goalkeeper you need to catch and save all the balls that are coming your way.
But look out for bombs, it is best to avoid these hazards.

For the players:
This game is easy to play and hard to master. How many balls can you catch while you are avoiding bombs?

Free & Offline:
Looking for free action arcade 3d football or soccer game? Our free Goalkeeper World Cup EC Action game doesn’t cost you a single dime to install and play.

Install Goalkeeper World Cup EC Action game on your android device, get the highest highscore possible and keep catching your way to victory!